A Few Thank You’s for our Food Pantry

The Roser Church Food Pantry, supported by All Island Denominations, is Anna Maria’s only food pantry, serving island residents, workers, and students. The volunteer-run pantry has distributed thousands of bags of groceries since its inception, assisting hundreds of individuals and families each year. The pantry is almost exclusively donor-funded. Its newest program provides monthly Publix gift cards to locals struggling to make ends meet. Each beneficiary has a church-connected sponsor who monitors the severity of their need. The program grew exponentially during the pandemic, leading to a funding shortage whose result will be the curtailment of benefits. Please read these beneficiary testimonials for some insight into the program’s impact:

“[She] was in tears thankful for the gift cards she has been receiving for groceries. She is on a
fixed income and cannot drive. Receiving the gift cards has made a tremendous difference in her life and
she wanted to make sure we knew how thankful she is.”

“With the crazy world we are experiencing right now this program has come in quite handy. With
the cost of really everything on the rise finding enough money to purchase groceries is getting difficult
[…] and I know that this program has helped me and others tremendously. It’s programs like this one
that help people like myself who do work and don’t qualify for a government assistance program. […]
thank you and Roser for everything you do to help out the community.”

“I am a 74 year old widow. I work 2 jobs part time. I live in my home with my daughter that has
cancer and is unable to work. I do get social security. Your gift of Publix is appreciated more than I can
say. We are not eligible for food stamps. Thanks to all who donate to this incredible gift card. You are in
my prayers.”

“At first I didn’t want to be involved mostly because I was working and thought it would be better
to give it to a restaurant person who was out of work. The card allowed me to eat without having to ask
for help which saves your dignity somewhat. It’s funny but I prayed to the lord for help and then tried to
turn it down. […] it has truly been a blessing and I will surely miss it when the program ends but am so
thankful you let me be a participant. God Bless and please thank everyone involved.”

“Thanks to all involved in the food card and pantry operation. The times are such that a helping
hand is needed and very much appreciated. I’ve been able to [be] more healthy with enough in my
budget for fruits and vegetables. Thanks to all involved for the help that means so much.”

“My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for the love, support, and king gesture this program
provides. I want to thank you for the Publix gift card. It truly is a blessing to be provided with food. I am
so humbled by your thoughtfulness and gift.”

“It has helped out so much having the monthly gift cards from your church to help out with
groceries. My mom, who I live with and look after is sick and won’t be getting any better, so she can no
longer work. We scrape by each month with the bills but we rarely have much left over for food (or
anything else). I sure hope the funding improves and you can continue. If not, we still appreciate all these
months you did help us.”