Why Bother? Rediscovering the Power of Faith (April 7 – May 12)

For many in our culture, faith is evaporating.  Things they used to believe in are quickly collapsing: family, relationships, country, morality, religion. However, we are not the first age to wrestle with the fragile nature of life.  In the book of Ecclesiastes, an ancient teacher shares his response to despair, lessons that can help us to believe again.   

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Week 1: Nothing New under the Sun? Ecclesiastes 1:8-11, Apr 7, 2024

Our world changes at a rapid pace, but have we changed as human beings?  Have all our revolutions around the sun helped us to fully realize our potential?  Faith gives us a way to think through the confusing collision of human success and failure.

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Week 2: Nothing Gained under the Sun? Ecclesiastes 2:10-11, Apr 14, 2024

As biological creatures, we naturally strive both to avoid pain and maximize pleasure.  However, does this biological pursuit make us truly human?  Does it satisfy our deepest desires as human beings? Faith provides a way forward when pleasure is not enough, and pain is too much.

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Week 3: Nothing Accomplished under the Sun? Ecclesiastes 2:17-20, Apr 21, 2024

What is the point of our work?  What are we trying to achieve?  How do we know when we have succeeded?  Faith enables us to define success in realistic ways, not just in the future, but every day of our lives.

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Week 4: A Better Time? Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, Apr 28, 2024

In 1965, the Byrds made these few verses of Ecclesiastes famous in a song that reached number one in America on the Billboard Hot 100.   In those days of change and chaos, people found comfort in this reminder, that “There is a time for everything under the sun.”  Faith gives us this stable point of view as we face our own tumultuous times.

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Week 5: A Better World? Ecclesiastes 3:16-17, May 5, 2024

History records multiple attempts to confront and overcome injustice.  Some stories are more encouraging than others.  Those engaged in such efforts are often called to make extraordinary sacrifices for their cause.  Were their sacrifices worth the effort?  Faith provides a perspective that inspires us never to give up our fight against injustice and oppression, even when it seems that our efforts are in vain.

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Week 6: A Better Life? Ecclesiastes 3:18-22, May 12, 2024

For centuries, many thinkers and educators have sought to convince us that we are nothing more than evolutionary accidents, biological and chemical organisms sharing a planet with other organisms more or less like us.  In this closed system, we struggle to find a meaningful life.  Faith helps us to see that we as humans do have a purpose beyond our biology and chemistry.

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