Roser Sanctuary Remodel

A flexible platform that adds value to Roser’s future!

Some time ago the Roser Council asked the Major Projects Team to research ways to create a more flexible and safer platform in the Sanctuary. Members of the team represented Music, Finance, Trustees, Deacons, and other Lay Officers. Appropriate Staff also contributed to the discussion. The Team realizes that there are many ways to face this challenge, but after much research, deliberation, and off-site visits over a year, the Team reported its findings back to the Council.

Why do we need a renovation?

  • The existing choir loft was built over 30 years ago.
  • The loft had a single purpose. Accommodate a large choir
  • Times have changed and we want to change to meet the demands of a new generation of believers.
  • A new design gives us flexibility in the type of programs we can offer while still accommodating our traditional programs.
  •   Fewer stairs mean safer for members entering and leaving the stage.
  • Offers much needed storage space in the back of the stage area.

We would ask for members to pledge donations over a three-year window.

Prayerfully consider

The present is where the past meets the future. The decisions we make today will either add value to or subtract value from the Roser family. In deciding where to invest and where to place our resources today, we must keep asking, “How do we remain relevant?” What do we need?

Loving Christ, Sharing His Grace, and Serving All is a relevant mission, but the island is changing.

As we seek to appeal to a new generation of believers how we present ourselves physically and spiritually as a body of Christ is the key to success. The flexibility that this project offers will allow us to do that. God Bless you!

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Roser Church is located at 512 Pine Avenue, Anna Maria, near the City Pier. For more information call 941-778-0414, go to or find us on Facebook