Roser Guild Provides School Bags

Proud Migrant Education Coordinator for Manatee School District, Mario K. Mendoza, picked up the 50 school bags of supplies that Roser Guild ladies provided, May 18th, 2022. Roser Church and Guild members are glad to have been and are supporting the migrant community in a number of ways, like packing beans and rice, sewing quilts, etc. for many years. Pictured above: Mario Mendoza and Margo Kingsley, Guild treasurer and chair of Roser’s migrant sewing, at the trunk of his vehicle which is loaded with the fifty bags of school supplies, Pictured below: One of the cloth bags showing the contents of school supplies provided for underprivileged children entering Manatee County schools.

For more information, please see our Roser Women’s Guild web page.