Weddings at Roser

The Process

It is a privilege and pleasure for us at Roser Church to help you celebrate
and solemnize the start of your life together as a married couple, and to join in blessing the new family household you are forming. We share with you the desire for a meaningful and memorable wedding experience.

If you would like our pastor to preside at your wedding service, he will do so
(schedule permitting), or he will help you to secure an alternate presiding minister. An ordained Christian minister may be considered to conduct your wedding with permission of the Roser Pastor. At Roser Church we are only able to accommodate a Christian service of marriage performed by an ordained Christian Minister. We strongly recommend some form of pre-marriage counseling with a clergy person or certified family counselor as part of your marriage preparation.


To begin the process of reserving Roser Church for your wedding, please complete our Wedding Inquiry form online. Once you submit this form, we will contact you as soon as possible. You may also want to contact the Florida Clerk of the Circuit Court to secure a wedding license (

The Venue

Our HISTORIC CHAPEL seats ninety guests comfortably, and can accommodate 4 to 5 attendants on either side in addition to the bride and groom. The Chapel has an organ, piano, and space for an instrumental soloist or small ensemble.

The Roser Chapel, established 1913

Our main SANCTUARY comfortably seats about 400 guests and can accommodate large groups of bridesmaids and grooms men. It has both an organ and piano, and room for soloists or small ensembles.

Our Roser Sanctuary, 2021


If the organ or piano are used, we require that our own organist or someone either selected or approved by them be the one to play. Other musicians or recorded music can be used if you so desire. While it is your wedding, it is also a worship service of the church, so all music should be in keeping with the nature and location of the event.

Dressing Rooms

Designated dressing rooms for members of the bridal party will be available to you two hours before your scheduled wedding time. We recommend that wedding dresses, rings, and other items of value not be left in the church building over night. Church classrooms are used for dressing rooms. It is expected that they will be intact and ready for Sunday.

Please Note

No smoking is permitted inside any of the buildings, and no alcoholic beverages may be consumed anywhere on church property. No food or beverage is permitted in the Chapel or Sanctuary.

The Ceremony


The church will not be open for decorating or delivery of flowers more than two hours prior to the wedding. We recommend that all wedding decorations be kept simple and appropriate to the nature of a Christian wedding. No adhesives or tacks are permitted to secure your decorations. Carpet protectors must be placed under plants or arrangements. Runners are not allowed due to a tripping hazard. Only silk flower petals may be scattered as part of the wedding procession.

Wedding Rehearsal

Rehearsals are best limited to wedding party members to reduce time and details.

No Rice or Birdseed

For reasons of safety and ease of cleanup, rice or birdseed may not to be thrown indoors or outdoors.

Video and Photographs

We do not permit flash photography during the wedding ceremony; non-flash photos may be taken, but the photographer should not be so prominent as to distract from the wedding. Video may be taken from designated fixed locations. Posed flash photos may be taken after the
service, for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Child Care

We cannot provide infant or child-care for weddings. For the children’s safety, we expect parents or other responsible adults to offer constant care or supervision for all children on our premises, including during the rehearsal and prior to the wedding.


* Facility Fee – Sanctuary (seats 400)$400
* Facility Fee – Chapel (seats 90)$350
* Waived for Roser Church Members
Pastor (gift left to the couple’s discretion)
(Added fees for soloist accompaniments)
Soloist (fee contracted with soloist)
Wedding Facilitator$200
Video/Sound Tech$100

Please Note: A non-refundable deposit of the facility fee is required to secure the wedding date. All non-facility wedding fees must be paid thirty days prior to your wedding date. Checks can be mailed to the church office, handed to the Wedding Facilitator or paid online by debit or credit card.