Rediscover: Why Christmas Truly Matters (Advent, 2021)

Christmas means many things to many people.  We watch the same movies, hear the same music, prepare the same meals.  Sometimes our memories of the season bring joy, other times they bring sadness.  Whatever our experiences, let’s take time this year to rediscover why Christmas truly matters for all of us, every day of every year.

Week 1: A Glimmer of Hope (Isaiah 7:10-17)

When God’s prophet predicts the birth of a unique child, His people needed a reason to hope.   Powerful enemies threatened almost certain destruction.  God, however, will not abandon His people to despair.  This sign will be a sign to all people that He will fulfill His good plans for us.

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Week 2: A Warrior of Hope (Isaiah 9:6-7)

The child we remember at Christmas is no ordinary child.  The man who later walks the streets of Jerusalem is no ordinary man.  The meek and mild Person who sleeps in a stable and wanders the hillsides bears all the power of God, because He is God.  We need not fear the future, because we follow a Warrior who guarantees our hope.

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Week 3: A Growing Hope (Isaiah 11:1-5)

At first there is very little hope, no realistic chance of survival, let alone victory.  Then, however, a branch grows from a fallen tree, pointing once more to a restored garden.  Our hope might not be visible to everyone, but those who watch this Branch will be encouraged and empowered to believe in the growing work of God.

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Week 4: A Family of Hope (Micah 5:1-4) – Christmas Eve

While the world seeks to defeat and divide the family of God, one Son comes from the small village of Bethlehem to rescue and unite His family.  In a culture filled with division, we find hope in the one who comes to bring us back together.

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Week 5: A Messenger of Hope (Isaiah 61:1-3)

Hope will only matter to those who hear and believe there is a reason to hope.  Jesus comes in a way that convinces us of this reason.  He comes so that those who most need hope can find it.  As messengers of that same hope, we are encouraged as we discover its power.

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