Prophets in the Hebrew Scriptures: A Brief Introduction

WED FEB 1 to MAR 1 – For more than a thousand years before Jesus appeared in human flesh, God began to tell His story through men and women known as prophets.  The Hebrew scriptures name some 37 of these prophets, and 17 of them are associated directly with books of the Bible.  Many other, unnamed prophets also form part of the story.  In five sessions, we will reflect on the lives and the messages of these early servants of God. Taught Pastor Dirk Rodgers

Two in person options on Wednesdays:
10:00 AM at Pastor Dirk’s House
2:00 PM in the Roser Chapel
Videos also published weekly on our Roser YouTube Channel
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Session 1: An Introduction to the Prophets

Session 2: Prophets before the Kingdom

Session 3: Prophets of Israel

Session 4: Prophets of Judah

Session 5: Prophets during Exile and Restoration

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