Powerfully Convinced (Feb 18 – Mar 17)

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Jesus changes us as we experience His power. In five stories from the early church, we see what happens when His power challenges a new audience of seekers and skeptics.

Week 1: Philip and Simon, Acts 8:9-13, Feb 18, 2024

Simon had seen power before. He pretended to be an expert, until a new power comes to town. By meeting Philip, Simon meets Jesus, and his world could never be the same.

Sermon Notes

Week 2: Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch, Acts 8:26-31, Feb 25, 2024

Sometimes truth can speak more powerfully than miracles, especially for those genuinely seeking truth. God sets up a divine appointment for Philip to respond to a seeker’s questions.

Sermon Notes

Week 3: Saul and the Road to Damascus, Acts 9:1-6, Mar 3, 2024

Some people can become strongly but wrongly convinced. Jesus meets a confirmed enemy on the road to Damascus and powerfully convinces him to change his ways.

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Week 4: Saul and the People of Damascus, Acts 9:19b-25, Mar 10, 2024

It seems only right that a former skeptic must now convince other skeptics. He is therefore not surprised by their resistance. But the power that changes him calls him to stay engaged in the mission.

Sermon Notes

Week 5: Peter and Dorcas, Acts 9:36-42, Mar 17, 2024

Nothing is more convincing than a dead person brought to life. God brings Jesus to life to demonstrate His power over death, and now He extends this power through His servant Peter. The same message, the same power, and the same God.

Sermon Notes

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