Help Pack Hope Seeds

WED FEB 14 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 NOON in the Double Classroom – Come join us for fun, fellowship, food, music, prayer and best of all joining Jesus in loving and serving those in need. “Plant a seed, feed a soul”. Any questions CONTACT US or call the church office at 941778-0414. We look forward to seeing you there. 

Hope Seeds is a Christian charitable organization that provides seeds and agricultural support to missionaries and mission teams around the World. This mission empowers the hungry to grow nutritious food which helps heal broken families and communities. By supporting this mission with your donations you have the opportunity to not only share seed for gardens but also share seed for the Gospel. The seed is packaged in small zip-lock packets of ten varieties and species chosen for the climate and culture of the nation they are being sent to free of charge. Plant A Seed! Feed A Soul! Read more about Hope Seeds HERE.

Roser Church is located at 512 Pine Avenue, Anna Maria near the Anna Maria City Pier. The Classroom is in the Education Wing (between the Sanctuary and Chapel). For more information go to, call 941-778-0414 or find us on Facebook @roserchurch.

FUTURE EVENTS (the second Wednesday of each month)

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