Outdoor Stage Project

As our island population changes, we must consider alternate ways to encourage a wider diversity of people to experience worship and ministry at Roser Church. Over the last two years, we have hosted several events and worship services in our beautiful backyard, beside the canal, and have received much favorable feedback. The outdoor venue makes it easy to invite family members, friends, and island visitors who might be less inclined to enter a church building. By building a permanent structure, we can both improve the experience and reduce recurring expenses for these outdoor events. We would also be able to increase the number of these events to maximize our beautiful setting during peak seasons.


OUR MISSION: Loving Christ, Sharing His Grace, Serving All
The outdoor stage will enable us to establish our reputation in the community as a welcoming, beautiful place to explore our faith, in a positive, fun, and embracing environment. The events can help us to breakdown stereotypes and negative assumptions that people may have about “church.” We want people to look beyond their negative presuppositions and see the grace of Christ more clearly presented in this open-air setting.


  • Easter, Christmas, and other outdoor services
  • Outreach music concerts and performances
  • Children’s movie nights and other events
  • Weddings & Memorials
  • Ministry gatherings (AA, birthday celebrations, etc.)


  • A solid, engineered structure that meets city codes for our weather-challenged environment
  • Constructed from easy-to-maintain materials that can be power-washed rather than painted
  • Wind-resistant panels and a solid roof that will enable people on stage to focus on their program
  • Reconfigured electrical outlets for additional equipment
  • A raised platform to allow easier viewing from the ground
  • Stairs and railing to prevent falls


  • $37,400 Kit, Plans and Shipping
  • $1,600 Engineering Drawings
  • $6,000 Concrete Work
  • $2,850 Screens, Electrical, Misc.
  • $1,150 City Permit Fees
  • $1,000 Paid Labor
  • $50,000 Estimated Total*

*Does not include $3000-$5000 additional cost for the removal of four tree trunks. Of this amount $28,600 has already been received, and another $10,000 is pledged, leaving a total of $11,400 yet to be raised. An initial deposit of $8,457 has already been paid. $1600 paid for the drawings is non-refundable. Currently, we pay a $500 rental fee for each temporary stage, which would be saved if we had a permanent stage. We would also charge a facility rental fee for non-member use of the stage for events such as outdoor weddings and memorials.

Upon the recommendation of both the Major Projects Committee and the Executive Committee, the Council has voted to recommend the location pictured above for our Outdoor Stage. This location will maximize the viewing area, allow us to retain shade trees, and fits within the setback requirements required by the city. The selected location will require the removal of four trunks that do not produce shade for attendees. Three of the trunks are part of a tree cluster from which two previous trunks have already been removed. The fourth tree trunk is located behind the privacy fence.

We have city approval and are praying and planning for the outdoor stage to be ready to host Christmas Services in 2023.


  • See the graphic above for progress updates.
  • We are hoping that we can raise the additional amount without a formal pledge campaign.
  • If you wish to donate to this fund, simply note on your check in the memo area that your gift is for the Outdoor Stage. Visit RoserChurch.com/Give to give online by credit card.
  • If you would like to donate stocks, bonds, real estate, or other items toward this project, please contact our Church Financial Administrator.
  • Please consider giving to this project over and above your regular giving to Roser Church. Your regular giving continues to fund our day-to-day ministries at the church.
  • If we raise more than the cost of the project, your donations will cover these costs on a first-in, first-out basis. If surplus funds are raised, we would like to designate them to our next major project, redesign of the Sanctuary stage, with your permission. If you would prefer that any excess not be used for this purpose, please let us know and we will refund any unused portion, or redirect it to your choice.
  • We will provide ongoing updates on our website and in our weekly e-bulletin, as well as providing regular updates to the necessary boards and committees.

If you have questions regarding this project, please call the church office, complete a Contact Us form on our website, or send an email to info@roserchurch.com.

Roser Church is located at 512 Pine Avenue, Anna Maria, near the City Pier. For more information call 941-778-0414, go to roserchurch.com or find us on Facebook @roserchurch.com.

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