New Directions: When God Crosses Our Boundaries (July 9 – Aug 13, 2023)

1. Reflections 2 Corinthians 5:1-10 (July 9, 2022)

After a very eventful early Summer, I have been reflecting deeply on why I am here, and what God is calling me to do here. I am praying that God will use those reflections to inspire you, as you ask those same questions.

2. New Directions: When God Crosses Our Boundaries (July 16 – Aug 13, 2023)

When God sent His Son into the world, He intended for things to change. For thousands of years, He had promised change, and now He was delivering. Not surprisingly some resisted, but His Spirit still worked, and is still working to change all of us, even when this change is uncomfortable.

Week 1: A New Way, Acts 4:5-12, July 16, 2023

When Jesus appears, He begins a new work of God. The goal remains the same: a holy, good and loving people worshiping God in a good and nourishing place. However, Jesus now introduces a new means to that end, now for all people, in all places, for all time.

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Week 2: A New Holiness, Acts 5:1-6, July 23, 2023

Religion can be dangerous when it substitutes show for substance. In the early days of the church one couple ignored this truth, and it cost them their lives. We would be wise to learn from their mistake.

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Week 3: A New Resolve, Acts 5:25-32, July 30, 2023

New directions will always be resisted, especially by people who do not get the point behind the change. Those following Jesus must see clearly why they do what they do, so they are not discouraged by this opposition.

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Week 4: A New Organization, Acts 6:1-7, August 6, 2023

Where two or more are gathered to accomplish the same mission, they must organize. The early church faced a challenge that threatened this mission when people began to argue over money. The leaders’ response teaches us the importance of organizing in a way that honors God and preserves His mission.

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Week 5: A New Witness, Acts 7:54-60, August 13, 2023

Stephen is the first martyr of this new community of Jesus followers, and His example teaches us that we will win our battles with a different sort of witness and a different sort of victory. The world may view us as losers, but God sees us, and we must see ourselves as His victorious children.

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