Lessons from King David: The Early Years (Jan 7 – Feb 11)

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As we begin a New Year together, we follow a story of new times in the scriptures.  The old days had their glory and promise, but what happens when the present goes dark?  How will God reignite a new flame of truth and purpose among His people?

Week 1: Time for a New King, 1 Samuel 16:1-5, Jan 7, 2024

Saul had been a great and powerful king, but his fall put God’s people in danger.  Now God calls an unlikely servant to fill this role.  Why this young man above all others?  How can his calling inspire us to fill our role in God’s work?

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Week 2: Time for a New Spirit, 1 Samuel 16:14-23, Jan 14, 2024

Powerful people can have powerful demons. When evil tormentors possessed Saul, David’s spirit was his only comfort. What was David’s secret, and how can we use it to help the tormented souls in our world?

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Week 3: Time for a New Champion, 1 Samuel 17:8-11, Jan 21, 2024

There are always bigger giants and bigger enemies in the land, and they can inspire fear or courage, depending on one’s point of view.  In David’s view, a giant enemy has only one purpose, to bring glory to an even bigger God.

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Week 4: Time for a New Challenge, 1 Samuel 18:12-15, Jan 28, 2024

Relationships are tricky, especially in a world driven by power and wealth.  David must face this new challenging world as he learns God’s plan for his life.  We can learn from his example as we navigate our own power and wealth-dominated culture.

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Week 5: Time for a New Covenant, 1 Samuel 20:12-17, Feb 4, 2024

Allies are sometimes found among enemies. Strangers and can become close friends and family who fight together for the good that God desires.  In the friendship between Jonathan and David, we find a pathway toward finding allies in a relationship-challenged world.

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Week 6: Time for New Rules, 1 Samuel 21:1-6, Feb 11, 2024

Running for his life, David seeks refuge in a holy place, asks for holy bread, and lies to a priest in the process.  By most standards, he has broken a lot of rules, but does this really matter?

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