Community Engagement Coordinator Position Description

Last Revised: 12/20/2021

1. Overview

The Community Engagement Coordinator (CEC) will lead efforts to share Roser’s strengths with our neighbors, wherever they may live.  He or she will personally connect with many people outside our campus and will equip our Roser family to invite others into a faith-exploring journey.  In other words, the CEC will oversee our outreach efforts, sharing Christ’s Grace by Serving All.

The CEC will, under our current Bylaws, be regarded as non-ministerial staff, which does not require ordination or a seminary degree.

2. Responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of the CEC will include the following duties:

2.1. Build and strengthen relationships with neighbors outside of the Roser family.

2.2. Equip members of the Roser family to invite others into a faith-exploring journey.

2.3. Provide guidance to our existing outreach ministries.

2.4. Provide guidance to BRED and Family ministries.

2.5. Work with the Senior Minister to oversee worship services and disciple-building programs.

2.6. Work as part of teams consisting of staff, lay leaders and volunteers.

2.7. Other ministry-related duties as required.

3. Expectations

As a result of the CEC’s effort, encouraged and supported by the rest of our ministry team, empowered by God’s Spirit, we prayerfully expect the following outcomes:

3.1.  An increased number of people actively participating in Roser’s ministry and worship services

3.2. An increased excitement, commitment, and comfort within the Roser family about engaging our neighbors in faith-journey conversations.

3.3. A re-vitalized family ministry program

4. Requirements

4.1. Must have an outgoing, people-loving spirit who instinctively engages in conversation with whoever crosses their path.

4.2. Must have an entrepreneurial spirit who thinks creatively about ways to engage people in the life of the church.

4.3. Must have a humble spirit who is willing to work without ego in a dedicated team environment.

4.4. Must respect Roser’s commitments to lay-led ministry, a predominantly traditional music style, and a rich diversity of doctrinal and denominational opinions.

4.5. Must share the current Senior Minister’s belief that the scriptures, as originally given, are inspired, historically accurate accounts of God’s revelation to His people.

4.6. Must have a solid knowledge of scripture.

4.7. Must be able to speak comfortably and effectively to both large and small groups.

4.8. Must have successfully lead outreach ministries or initiatives preferably, but not necessarily, in a church environment.

4.9. Must have some experience with technology, social media, and related contemporary communications channels.

4.10. Must authorize a background check prior to any offers being made.

To express your interest in applying for this position, please submit an interest form available here. Only candidates who submit this form will be considered for the position.