Indestructible Love: An Early Easter Story (Mar 27 – Mar 31)

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Weeks before Jesus was nailed to a cross, He showed us its purpose. He called His friend Lazarus to illustrate that purpose in a powerful way. As we walk with Lazarus through his life and death tragedy, we discover a power that overcomes our own challenge-filled story: God’s Indestructible Love.

Facing the Inevitable, John 11:1-16

Maundy Thursday, Mar 27, 7 PM, Chapel Service, with Communion
We know the process all too well, sickness that leads to death. Lazarus and his family experienced it too. It is a fear-filled slippery slope for them and for us. Jesus wants to inspire hope in us as we face this fear, and His friend Lazarus becomes a living witness of this hope.

Promising the Impossible, John 11:17-27

Good Friday, Mar 28, 12 Noon, Chapel Service
The fear of death underlies all other fears. Until someone conquers death, fear will never be conquered. When Lazarus is at death’s door, his family has choice about how they may respond, a choice that centers entirely around Jesus.

Proving the Unimaginable, John 11:38-44

Easter Sunday, Mar 31, 8:30 AM, Sanctuary Service (Indoors); 10:00 AM, Outdoor Service
Our broken world has a way of convincing us that we must remain trapped in it destructive cycles. Weeks before Jesus Himself rises from the dead, however, He proves that He has the keys to free us from this prison, in this world and in the next.

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