Guest Speaker: Justin Halas (June 30 & July 7)

Join us for Sunday Worship at 8:30 AM in the Chapel or 10:00 AM in the Sanctuary.

Roser is excited to welcome guest speaker, Justin Halas to the pulpit. Both services were streamed on the Roser YouTube channel ( Scroll down to watch the services.

Justin Halas, once a 15 year drug addict, is now an inspirational speaker, husband, father, runs a life change program called High on Jesus and is executive director of the nonprofit organization, Hand Up to Victory.  Hand Up To Victory’s mission is to offer qualified individuals coming out of jail or off the street that struggle with addictions to drugs and/or alcohol a hand up out of their situation. We help to guide them on a path of self-sustaining sobriety and personal growth.  We have dedicated leaders and mentors that are committed to providing an all-encompassing approach that covers every aspect of the life change process.  Read more here:

After experiencing the gift of desperation, he shares his story as a testimony to what God can do in anyone’s life. Justin speaks in jails, churches and weekly meetings with a message that anyone can make a change in any area of their life with a willingness to seek out God daily and an all-in mentality. 

The 501c3 he founded has helped hundreds of people coming out of jail, rehabs, or off the streets to get into a halfway house and they assist with rent, food, clothing, and hygiene products. They then provide a list of jobs in the area that are hiring and are willing to work with convicted felons. With many of them continuing to attend High on Jesus, other recovery groups, and keeping God first, many lives have improved, families have been restored, and people have gone on to live a blessed amazing life.

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