Faith that Conquers: 8 Weeks in Romans 8 (Oct 1 – Nov 19, 2023)

We meet in the Chapel for the 8:30 Service through Sunday, Oct. 29. Both services will be held in the Sanctuary, beginning Sunday, Nov. 5.

“Faith” can just be a word, but it can also generate power.  True faith, as Scripture describes it, provides an entirely new perspective on life.  Paul’s letter to the Romans describes this powerful faith in great detail, culminating in the dramatic language of chapter 8.  Join us as we discover at deeper levels this faith that conquers both doubts and obstacles.

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Week 1: Freedom from Sin and Death, Romans 8:1-4, Oct 1, 2023

At the root of all our fears lie the threats of failure and death.  God has already destroyed those threats and faith empowers us to accept this truth.  When we no longer fear failure and death, we can begin to live again.

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Week 2: A Spirit-Governed Mind, Romans 8:5-11, Oct 8, 2023

Because our minds have been devastatingly crippled by human failure, God must spiritually heal us so we can think correctly.  Faith provides this pathway toward healing, to see God, others, ourselves, and our world through different eyes.

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Week 3: Living as Children, Romans 8:12-16, Oct 15, 2023

Whether we like or not, whether we believe it or not, we are slaves to human failure from the day of our birth.  Faith reminds us, however, that we need not remain in that bondage, freeing us to live the abundant life of God’s free children.

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Week 4: Our Inheritance as Children, Romans 8:17-22, Oct 22, 2023

As God’s children, we are assured of a heavenly inheritance.  By keeping this inheritance in mind, faith provides a pathway through our struggles and opportunities to become a healing force in our world.

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Week 5: The First Fruits of Our Inheritance, Romans 8:23-27, Oct 29, 2023

Children must usually wait for a death in the family to receive their inheritance.  Yet, God does not require us to wait entirely for our glorious riches.  Already, in our present, He gives us a foretaste and a sample of the abundance that awaits us when we pass from this life.

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Week 6: Part of God’s Eternal Plan, Romans 8:28-30, Nov 5, 2023

Faith reminds us that God alone determines our destiny.  Neither fear, failure, nor fate have that power.  God created us, and He also restores and empowers us to realize the destiny that He has always desired for us.

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Week 7: Assured of God’s Approval, Romans 8:31-34, Nov 12, 2023

As children we are born with the desire to please those who give us life, and we are broken when we feel that we have fallen short.  Faith reminds us, however, that we can never disappoint the Divine Father who gave us life, because His love for us is not based on our performance.  It rests on a much more solid foundation.

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Week 8: Assured of God’s Love, Romans 8:35-39, Nov 19, 2023

At our core, we humans are made to give and receive love.  Human failure has blurred that need, but God meets it fully.  Faith enables us to rely on God’s never-failing love for us, so we can be free to love others.

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