Exploring Daniel: When God Invades a Broken World

By Pastor Dirk Rodgers

What does God have to say when evil empires win and His people suffer? When an exiled servant is carried away into one of these evil empires, God does speak. He reveals powerful visions that entirely transform our view of His ways within a broken world. Come experience the power of His transforming message! Five sessions – October/November, 2022.

Week 1: Introduction DOWNLOAD HANDOUT
The biblical book of Daniel contains a powerful story of God’s sovereignty and faithfulness, encouraging us to remain faithful in difficult times. In Session 1, we examine the historical context and interesting collections of content within the story.

Week 2: The Big Picture DOWNLOAD HANDOUT
This week we focus on “The Big Picture.” Daniel is a carefully crafted composition designed to convey a clear message regarding God’s sovereignty and faithfulness to His people. We will look at the framework the book uses to communicate that message, and will look at a few other subject that will prepare us to dig deeper.

Week 3: Identifying the Images DOWNLOAD HANDOUT
This week we focus on the three key visions recorded in chapters 2, 7 and 8. In these visions, kingdoms symbolically appear in kaleidoscope of images and actions. Sorting through these images requires a careful reflection on history.

Week 4: Mysterious Times DOWNLOAD HANDOUT
In this week’s session, we examine the mysterious time references in the book of Daniel, including the “seventy sevens” and “time, times and half a time”.

Week 5: Prophecy & History DOWNLOAD HANDOUT
In our fifth and last session, we explore chapters 10 -12 in which a heavenly messenger provides more detail about the last stretch of time before God reveals a new, eternal Jubilee.

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