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Serving others is a visible sign of our love for God. As members of God’s family, we worship him, not only on Sundays, but every day that we invest time, talent and treasure to share God’s love with our families and our communities. When we do this together, God works through us to move mountains, one act of love at a time.

When we pursue this mission together, we are more than volunteers. We are Ministry Partners, sharing the joy and encouragement of working together in God’s love mission. This is the heart of Membership at Roser, joining a team of Ministry Partners who have publicly committed to Love Christ, Share His Grace, and Serve All.

We have two types of Members: Full Members, who live locally year-round, and Federated Members, who are members in another church.  Both types of Members are vital, first-string players on our team!

In His Service,

Rev. Dr. Dirk Rodgers
Senior Pastor


If you have attended Roser Community Church for a while and have enjoyed the ministries and programs we offer, perhaps you are ready to take the next step. Membership is an opportunity to join the team of Ministry partners who make it all possible. We don’t expect perfection. We are all a work in progress. We are just looking for sincere Christ-followers who are committed to our mission together. We are constantly learning that we need one another. We are better together!


  1. Meet with a pastor to discuss your interest in becoming a Member.
  2. If you decide that Membership is right for you, complete an Application Form (you can view an online version here).
  3. Meet with someone currently serving at Roser, when possible in your area of interest. We have developed this online form to help you decide where you might want to serve.  If you want a little help discerning how God has uniquely shaped you for ministry, consider completing a Spiritual Gift Assessment.
  4. Be present in person or virtually when we announce your Membership to our Roser family.


If so, please complete and submit the form below, and we will contact you as soon as possible about scheduling your time with a pastor. If you have any questions, you can email me directly,

I look forward to having you on our team!

In His Service,

Dirk Rodgers, Senior Pastor

Membership Interest Form

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