Essential Truths: Who Is God? (January, 2021)

By reflecting on the Psalms, we discover that God is beyond us, God is with us, and God is Trinity. These sermons were delivered during the winter of 2021. Sermon Notes and Discussion Questions are provided for each session.

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Week 1: God is Beyond Us (Psalm 8)

How can we know a God who is Beyond Us? King David gives us an answer to this question in his hymn of praise.

Sermon Notes & Discussion Guide

Week 2: God Is With Us (Psalm 139:1-12)

The God Who is beyond us is also with us. He knows us better than we know ourselves, and He will find us no matter how lost we might feel.

Sermon Notes & Discussion Guide

Week 3: God Is Trinity (Psalm 51:1-12)

David’s cry for mercy exposes our need for the God who is Trinity. Father, Son and Spirit are threads of truth that emerge from the Old Testament and are woven together more closely in the New Testament.

Sermon Notes & Discussion Guide