Essential Disciplines: Stewardship & Giving (July – August, 2021)

“Wealth” is both a promising and a dangerous word.  Our culture often links wealth to safety, security and pleasure.  However, wealth also holds hidden dangers that can destroy our families and our souls.  The scriptures offer timeless wisdom on wealth, how to possess it without being possessed by it.

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Week 1: Too Much? (Luke 12:13-21)

How much is too much? Can we ever have enough? Often, we desire wealth so that we have enough when things go badly. But what if things go very badly? What then is the source of our confidence and our security? We will examine how Jesus addresses this fear in a parable about barn-building.

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Week 2: Not Enough? (Luke 12:22-31)

Where is God when do not have enough to survive? What do we do with this fear about the future? Jesus uses examples from nature to teach us how to respond to this fear, so it does not own us.

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Week 3: Enough to Share? (Luke 12:32-34)

What does God expect us to do with our wealth? Enjoy it? Share it? Invest it? Actually, Jesus has each of these in mind, as He invites us to participate in God’s kingdom-building project.

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