Essential Disciplines: Sharing Our Faith (August, 2021)

When we love others, we are quick to share good news with them.  As Jesus-followers, we are experiencing the best news ever spoken, that God has entered the world to restore it.  If we believe this news, and we care about those around us, we must learn to share our experience with others.

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Week 1: A Life-Changing Mission (Jonah 1:1-17)

Sharing God’s good news with the world will not be easy. God calls us into a broken world to share with broken people. This mission will stretch us out of our comfort zones, causing us to grow as disciples as we share God’s life-changing story. The story of the prophet Jonah teaches us these lessons.

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Week 2: A Life-Changing Prayer (Jonah 2:1-10)

Sharing God’s good news will cause us to reexamine our faith, to test its limits and challenge its assumptions. Through an honest dialog with God, we will again experience the power to share God’s life-changing story.

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Week 3: A Life-Changing God (Jonah 3:1-10)

Sharing God’s news requires complete dependence upon the One who calls us. His love and truth must inspire us to overcome our objections and doubts. While we often fall short, God will nevertheless work through us to demonstrate the power of His life-changing story.

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