Essential Disciplines: Prayer (June, 2021)

Does prayer make a difference?  Is God even listening?  Are we doing this right?  Do I have enough faith?  God gives us this powerful gift of prayer, but do we know what we have?  Do we know how to use it?

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Week 1: The Role of the Spirit (Romans 8:22-28)

How do we know that God is listening? Our answer to this question centers on God’s Spirit. His Spirit assures us that our Heavenly Father is fully present when we are speaking with Him. He bridges the gap between our cries and our Father’s loving responses.

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Week 2: The Role of Faith (Matthew 17:14-20)

Do I have enough faith? We pray for things, and often, it seems, God does not do what we ask. Are we the problem? Must we believe more? In this gospel story, the Father responds to Jesus’ prayer, but not that of the disciples. What did they do wrong?

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Week 3: The Role of Community (2 Chronicles 7:11-16)

Does it help if we all pray together? Cultures throughout the world often call their people to prayer. Somehow, we realize instinctively that prayer can have a unifying effect. But do our corporate prayers make a difference to God? Do they change what He will do?

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