Easter Lily Tributes

Thanks so much for helping us decorate the Sanctuary for Easter Sunday! The 2022 Lilies are placed:

Peg & Frank Lambert by Glenda Beck*
Ethel & George Beck by Glenda Beck*
Helen Wisniewski by Sharon & Kris Wisniewski*
Carol Marion by Sharon & Kris Wisniewski*
Our parents and brothers by Kathie & Larry Rieder
Our parents Tom & Stella Mitchell by Bob & Jo Anne Hall*
Our parents Al & Phyllis Hall by Bob & Jo Anne Hall*
Elvi & Tom Lennox by Sharon Woelfling
Hannah & Joleen by the Gilchrist Family
Harold & Nell Bergstrom by John & Kris Bergstrom
Charlie Cawein by Ruth Cawein*
Elaine Vandeman by Ron Vandeman
My Grandparents: Elwood & Marion Snyder by Craig Ramberger*
My Grandparents: Charles & Edna Ramberger
by Craig Ramberger
My Father: Lewis Ramberge
r by Craig Ramberger*
My mother and my husband, Donald Pope by Donna Pope
Mike & Georgina Pescitelli – Mike’s parents*
Joseph and Mary Lafreniere –
Suzanne Pescitelli’s parents*
Jean Fauth –
Steve Fauth’s mom*
Great Grandpa Ron Cook and Grandpa Russ Hall with love from Carson, Alyssa, John Thomas, Ben Douglas and Katie Jane Schmitz*
Parents Phyllis & Al Hall by Bob and Jo Anne Hall*
Parents Stella & Tom Mitchell by Bob and Jo Anne Hall*
Arlene, Louise, and Cecil Hook by the Hook Family**
In loving memory of our son Steve from Bruce and Susan Christenson
In loving memory of Priscilla Seewald by Bruce Seewald & Lisa Turner
Nellie and Jean by Steven and Kelly
Gary R. Grundy by Betsy Grundy
Colleen Walter by the Walters and Bernets***
My husband, Chris by Constance Kreft
In loving memory of our parents by Constance Kreft
Our parents & grandparents by Pete & Cass Robertson
Al DiCostanzo by Karen
Our sweet mom Loquita Buchert by Gail Swain

My daughters and granddaughters by Kitty Kole*
Bob Woelfling by Sharon Woelfling
My sister Kay Mizer by Peggy Nash*
Ann Bodger by Laura Bodger*
Our family by James Kronus*
Friends at Roser
by Diane Woodrow
Our daughter Laura by Dee & Tom Obrien
Of the risen Lord by Randy and Mary Zion*
Our sweet mom Sylvia Swain by Gail Swain
Jean Knopp, with love from your children: Laurie, Ray, Barbara, David & Karlyn*
Sarah, Liz, Owen, Anna, Rachel, Brynn, Norah, Ben, John, and Will- Our Grandchildren
by Wayne and Carol Patterson

If your tribute has been omitted or is incorrect, please send an email to bev@roserchurch.com and it will be corrected.

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