Commands of Christ Devotionals

On Sunday, July 17 Pastor Dirk began a new Sermon Series: TRUE LOVE: FACT & FICTION. On week 3, “A New Model”, Jesus provides a new standard of love that measures all other attempts at love. We observed that our love grows as we obey the commands of Christ.  Download a summary list: The Commands of Christ.

Today, we look at Christ’s commands from the Sermon on the Mount that expose the way that we devalue others.

Today we continue our look at a few commands in the Sermon on the Mount. This time, we look at the need to examine our role in our broken relationships. Loving at higher level requires us to accept our responsibility in the cause and in the restoration of those relationships.

As we continue our reflection of Christ’s commands, we consider His response to the problem of adultery and lust. What is the real cause of these problems?

Today we discuss Jesus’s commands regarding divorce, how it should not be used to legitimize our unfaithful sexual desires. 

Today we reflect on Jesus’s warning about oaths, how they are not substitutes for truth-telling and integrity. Love at this level requires us to be people of our word.

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