Christmas Poinsettias

Thanks so much for helping to decorate our Sanctuary!

2023 Poinsettias are placed:

Beloved Son Mac Parkman, rest with the Father. Mac Parkman Foundation for Adolescent Concussive Trauma by Perri Parkman
Our Father, Doug Gilbertson by Tracey and Walt Weaver
Joe Rothberg, Margaret Dean, Forest Dean by Jeanette Rothberg*
Elaine Vandeman by Ron Vandeman*
Grandparents, Edna & Charles Ramberger and Marion & Elwood Snyder by Craig Ramberger*
Father, Lewis Ramberger by Craig Ramberger*
Marguerite Carrick by Kitty Kole*
Priscilla Seewald by Kitty Kole*
Gary R. Grundy by Betsy Grundy*
Sari King by Sue and Darrel Shinn
Our loving son Bob by Mary and Lou Baldovini*
Wade LaDue by Gloria LaDue
Loquita Buchert by Gail Swain
Our loved ones by Eileen and Jerry Micho
Kate Gilbertson by Bob and Kay Neal
Charles Cawein by Ruth Cawein
Elizabeth Anita Isherwood by Scott and Lisa Isherwood
Hannah by Allan Gilchrist
Our son Steve by Bruce and Susan Christenson
My parents and two brothers by Carolyn Orshak
Ellen McCluskey by Randy Nelson & Jeanne Ann Laine
Peg and Frank Lambert by Glenda Beck*
My Mother, Priscilla Seewald by Lisa & Bruce Seewald
Al and Beau by Karen DiCostanzo*
Fred Jaeger by Kathy Kerchner and Merril Jaeger
Colleen Walter by the Walters and Bernets
John G. Blane by Claire Quillin*
Bob Nash by Peggy Nash
My wonderful husband Major by Pam Leckie

Sylvia Swain by Gail Swain
Andrew and Joshua Lindsey*
Laura Bodger by Ann Bodger*
Heather Blane by Claire Quillin*
To the Glory of God by Cass and Pete Robertson

*Will take plants home

All of the 2023 plants have been spoken for. Thanks so much for your orders and for all of the donations of plants that will brighten someone else’s Christmas!

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