Christmas Miracles (Advent, 2022 & New Year’s Day, 2023)

At Christmas, we celebrate miracles that changed the world.  To many, these miracles remain hidden. For those who are willing to see them, however, God offers power, encouragement, hope and joy. After the challenging year that we have all experienced, let’s rediscover these miracles together. Note: The Christmas Cantata will take place on Sunday, Dec 18, at both services.

Week 1: A Miraculous Birth, Matthew 1:18-24, Nov 27, 2022

While some people hoped for a better world, God was already at work creating one in surprising and expected ways.  While an ordinary man contemplates his dilemma, God reveals His extraordinary plan.

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Week 2: A Miraculous Visit, Matthew 2:1-12, Dec 4, 2022

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The birth of an unknown child in a small village sends a signal to stargazers in a distant land.  From a land that once held His people captive, God calls witnesses to view a miracle of His restoration.

Week 3: A Miraculous Deliverance, Matthew 2:13-14, Dec 11, 2022

While God does His work, a king plots against Him.  He is no match, however, for the sovereign Lord of the universe.   Through His miracle of deliverance, He retraces a story that demonstrates His saving power.

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Week 4: A Miraculous Witness, Luke 2:8-20, Dec 24, 2022 (Christmas Eve)

As witnesses of His miraculous work, God calls an obscure group of men who were just doing their job in the wilderness.  Their role, however, fulfills a story that God had been foretelling for centuries through His prophets.  They became the heralds of a new chapter in God’s story of restoration.

Week 5: A Miraculous Return, Matthew 2:19-23, Dec 25, 2022 (Christmas Day)

Saved from an enemy’s plot, God calls His Son back to His chosen land to continue the restoring work that He had been doing for centuries.  He now directs the eyes of the world on this place where He will work miracles that change everything.

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Breathing Again, January 1, 2023, New Year’s Day

Scripture: Ezekiel 36:24-28

As the holidays fall behind us, we must return to real life. The challenges of last year quickly reappear when the Christmas lights are turned off. How can this year be different? Will God do something to lift the burdens of the past and allow us to breath again? The prophet Ezekiel sees relief in sight…

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