Testimonial – Person 11

“We recently spent a month on Anna Maria Island and were blessed to worship at Roser Church for four Sundays. We so much appreciated the friendly welcoming congregation, the amazing music ministry, and the faithful, solid preaching of the Word of God.”

Testimonial – Person 10

“We are visitors on the island and I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed and appreciated your Ash Wednesday and Sunday 2/26 services. These services spoke to our hearts. May God continue to bless your church.”

Testimonial – Person 9

“I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the weekly email with the prayer list.  I open it and read through the names praying as I go.  Just a great service.  I keep the email in my inbox until I receive the next email. Thank you! “

Testimonial – Person 7

“Wanted to let Pastor Dirk know we appreciated his message on Rebuilding AND the new (not to us) song introduced at the end of 8:30am service. While enjoying traditional hymns, we also very much appreciate the more current contemporary Christian music.”

Testimonial – Person 5

“Fantastic Healing Chapel! Mr. Roser not only built a memorial to his wife he somehow created a Portal to the Divine healing power of the Prince of Peace our Lord Jesus the Christ!”