Breaking New Ground (May 19 – June 23)

When Jesus came, he lived within a religious culture formed by centuries of tradition.  But how would His message translate in other cultures?  He charged His early followers with figuring this out.  They learned lessons that still inspire us today, as we pursue this same challenging mission within our own culturally diverse world.

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Week 1: Two Compelling Visions, Acts 10:1-16, May 19, 2024

Good visions must provide a compelling reason for change.  Through two powerful visions to two different men, God forges a new path forward for those who choose to follow Jesus.

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Week 2: A Spiritual Calling, Acts 10:17-23, May 26, 2024

God’s new directions are not self-evident.  He must inspire people spiritually to work outside of their comfort zones.  In this story from the early church, He stretches the boundaries of His people by calling His servants into new levels of service.

Week 3: A Changed Person, Acts 10:24-33, June 2, 2024

For God to change a community, He begins by changing people.  Peter’s relationship with Jesus redefines his identity, and, as this relationship grows deeper, it changes his reason for living.  His experience of Jesus can inspire us to reconsider who defines us and what inspires our purpose.

Week 4: A Jesus-Centered Message, Acts 10:34-43, June 9, 2024

History too often records conflict and tragedy when diverse religious traditions try to share the same space at the same time.  If the new community of Jesus is truly to bring these traditions together, then the main thing must remain the main thing.

Week 5: A Transforming Response, Acts 10:44-48, June 16, 2024

When God calls His servants into a challenging mission, He does not abandon them.  His Spirit remains present, to ensure results that human efforts by themselves cannot produce.

Week 6: A Cultural Challenge, Acts 11:1-4, June 23, 2024

Change, especially religious change, is never easy.  The tensions between faithfulness and innovation are immediately evident as the new church expands into unfamiliar territory.  God therefore works to make His will clear in that day and in ours.

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