A Rocky Path to Glory: Learning Victory from the Master (Mar 2 – Apr 17)

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True victories — victories that change things and move the pile — are never without cost.  The road to victory winds through stormy environments, dangerous terrain, and brutal opposition.  This is the road that Jesus traveled on His way back to glory.  Can we follow Him through our own storms and battles, all the way to our glorious victory? 

Ash Wednesday, Joining the Battle, Luke 18:31-34, March 2, 2022

Since ancient times, ashes have been a symbol of repentance, a visible sign of our desire to be cleansed and healed. Join us in our chapel, as we begin our healing journey of Lent together.

First Sunday, Epic Collision, Luke 4:1-13, March 6, 2022

Before Jesus launches His public ministry, He faces an ancient enemy.  He defeats this enemy with an inner strength that He passes on to His followers.  How do we tap into this strength when our enemies attack?

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Second Sunday, Bold Claims, Luke 4:14-21, March 13, 2022

Jesus claims to be the fulfillment of God’s promises to His people.  His claims are either preposterous or world changing.  For those suffering and those committed to improving this world, His claims deserve thoughtful consideration.

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Third Sunday, The Confident Hope of Heaven, Revelation 21:1-5, March 20, 2022 – Guest Speaker, Jonathan Bachman, Global Service Network

We welcome Guest Speaker, Jonathan Bachman, his wife Robynn and their children. They work with college students in our area under the auspices of Global Service Network. Their mission is “To engage the church in the Great Commission, equip and train college students, and make a global impact among unreached nations.” They’re partnering with churches, mission agencies, and college ministries to make disciples on the college campus and send them out to the ends of the earth!

Fourth Sunday, Relentless Love, Luke 4:31-37, March 27, 2022

Jesus often faces spiritual enemies that plagued the people around Him.  He comes to bring healing to these victims.  His actions bear witness to God’s relentless love for those still under attack.

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Fifth Sunday, Premeditated Invasion, Luke 19:28-38, April 3, 2022

Jesus carefully plans His arrival in Jerusalem.  His triumphal entry tells us what sort of victory God will win.  When we begin to doubt who is winning on our own tumultuous world, this story reminds us of God’s time-tested ways.

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Palm Sunday, Cantata, The Body of Christ, April 10, 2022 (no sermon)

Maundy Thursday, Life-Altering Discovery, Luke 22:7-20, April 14, 2022 (Chapel)

Jesus prepares His disciples for what lies ahead.  He serves them, feeds them, and He charges them to follow His example.  

Good Friday, Strategic Defeat, Luke 23:44-49, April 15, 2022 (Chapel)

When Jesus dies on the cross, His enemies think they have won.  The one called, “Christ,” is defeated.  Yet, God has a different plan.  This apparent defeat will itself win victory for all victims of death.

Easter Sunday, Glorious Victory, Luke 24:1-12, April 17, 2022

Jesus dies but does not stay dead.  The Father raises Him.  This one event changes our entire view of life and death, giving us hope even when we must witness the tragedy of death. How does this event continue to inspire us?