Roser Library

Roser Library

The Library is open during office hours and on Sundays following the Worship Service. It is located next to the Chapel and can be accessed from the Fellowship Hall. There are new books on the shelves just inside the door that are waiting to be taken home and read. Come and browse! The Library/Archivists – Doug DeLong, Chair

New Books – Spring 2017


158Dye Dyer, Wayne W. The power of Intention.


201Rob Robinson, Marilyne. The Givenness of things.
202Mar Mark, Barbara. The angelspeake storybook, how angels work in people’s lives.


220Com Comay, Joan. Who’s who in the Bible.
220Hea Heath, Dale E. The inherent nature of scripture. (Bible)
221Joh Johnson, Wallace F. Following the good shepherds. (Old Testament)
225Ehr Ehrman, Bart D. The Orthodox corruption of scripture. 2nd ed.
225Eis Eisenbaum, Pamela Michelle. Paul was not a Christian.


230Bor Borg, Marcus J. Convictions, how I learned what matters most.
230Rue Ruether, Rosemary. Sexism and God-talk, toward a feminist theology.


231Bick Bickel, Bruce. God is in the small stuff.
231Ehr Ehrman, Bart D. God’s problem, how the Bible fails to answer our most important question, why we suffer.
231Mor Morse, Dave The God question, a layman’s search for the proof of the almighty.
231Sta Stanley, Charles F. Living in the power of the holy spirit.


232Bor Borg, Marcus J. Jesus, uncovering the life, teachings and relevance of a religious revolutionary.
232Kel Kelly, Matthew. Rediscover Jesus.


234Ham Hamilton, Adam, 1964 Forgiveness, finding peace through letting go. (Salvation and Grace)
238Ham Hamilton, Adam, 1964. Creed, what Christians believe and why. (Apostles Creed)
239Lim Limbaugh, David. Jesus on Trial, a lawyer affirms the truth of the gospel. (Apologetics)
242Ear Earley, Dave. The 21 most effective prayers of the Bible. (Devotional literature)


248Cro Crowder, Richard J. Keep on keeping on.
248Gra Graham, Billy, 1918. The Journey, how to live by faith in an uncertain world. (Christian life)
248Lay Layton, Patricia K. Life Unstuck.
248Lup Lupton, Robert D. Charity Detox. (Charities)
248MacN MacNeill, Dorothy, 1934. 24 ready to use programs for women’s groups. (Worship programs)
248Sea Seaward, Brian Luke. Stand like mountain, flow like water. (Spiritual Life)
248Yan Yancey, Phillip. Prayer, does it make any difference.
262Wor Worthen, Moll. Apostles of reason. (Evangelicalism)
263Esc Escobedo-Frank, Dottie. Give it up! a Lenten study for adults.


270Cro Crossan, John Dominic. The birth of Christianity.
270McL McLaren, Brian, 1956. A Generous orthodoxy. (Christianity)
284Bol Bolz-Weber, Nadia. Accidental saints. (You can find saints anyplace!)
291Pol Pollock, Robert. World religions, beliefs and traditions from around the globe.
294Dal Dalai Lama. The art of happiness, a handbook for living. (Buddhism)


594Sti Stix, Hugh. The shell. (Description, with illustrations, of sea shells)
615Sin Singh Khalsa, Dharma. Meditation as medicine, activate the power of your natural healing forces.
616Gar Gardner, Nuala. A friend like Henry, the remarkable true story of an autistic boy and the dog that unlocked his world.
635Hep Hepper, F. Nigel. Planting a Bible garden. (Plants in the Bible)
641.5Ros Roser Memorial Community Church (Anna Maria, FL) Berry good recipes. (Cooking)
808Boo The Book of virtues, a treasury of great moral tales. (Conduct of Life)
813Lis Listening for God. (Faith — Literary Collections)
823Gra Granger, John. Looking for God in Harry Potter. (Religion in literature)
915Fei Feiler, Bruce S. Walking the Bible, a journey by land through the five books of Moses.


B Arm Armstrong, Karen, 1944. The spiral staircase, my climb out of darkness.
B Bue Buechner, Frederick. Telling secrets.
B Gra Graham, Stephen Foster. Embracing the extraordinary.
B Mot Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa in my own words.


F Bac Bach, Richard. There’s no such place as far away.
F Ham Hamilton, Jane, 1957. Disobedience. (Fiction)
F Kar Karon, Jan. Come rain or come shine. (Fiction)
F Ver Verghese, Abraham. Cutting for Stone. (Ethiopia – Fiction)