Miracle Baby Arianna

Miracle Baby Arianna

THU APR 19, 2018 ♦ Arianna celebrated her 2nd birthday!


WED APR 19, 2017 ♦ Arianna celebrated her 1st birthday!

SUN JAN 15, 2017 ♦ What a blessing to see Arianna and her parents at Roser!

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Arianna was born on April 19, three and a half months premature, to Charles and Brenda Wade and weighed only 11 ounces at birth. At that time she was the smallest baby to be born at Sarasota Hospital. Please continue to pray for Charles, Brenda, and Arianna. Charles is the Facilities Administrator at Roser Church.
Thanks so much for the outpouring of financial support for the family. You are still able to donate to the Arianna Miracle Fund. Go to www.roserchurch.com/give to donate online, or make your check out to Roser and designate it for the Arianna Miracle Fund (or put cash in an envelope with the same designation). The monies are distributed to Charles on a monthly basis.

Grab a tissue… and turn up the sound… watch a slide show of miracle baby, Arianna’s progress and listen to Charles share his heartfelt thanks.

As of October 2016 Arianna has reached 7 lbs 6oz

OCT 22, 2016 ♦ $2,217 was raised at the Pancake Breakfast for the ARIANNA MIRACLE FUND. Our thanks to everyone that helped and participated! The total raised to date is $20,722! She is continuing to gain weight and improving daily.

DEC 19, 2016 ♦ Spread the news! Arianna Wade is on the way home! What a great Christmas present for Charles and Brenda. To God be the glory.

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