Debit or Credit

In addition to the weekly offering plate, Roser offers the options of scheduled or one-time donations from a bank account or credit card. You have the choice to donate to the on-going operations of the church or to special purposes such as the Food Pantry, Mission of the Month, Altar Flowers, as a memorial for a loved family / church member, or as you designate.

Automatic Deduction

Scheduled giving on a weekly or monthly basis is very handy when you are travelling, are a snowbird or unable to attend services for any reason. It’s easy to use by setting up your profile (one-time) and then specifying how and when you would like to donate. It automatically provides a record of all your on-line donations, which is handy for financial budgeting and income tax deductions.

Weekly Giving

Numbered weekly giving envelopes are available from the church office. Envelopes can be placed in the offering plate or mailed to the church. An iPad is available in the Narthex to make recurring or one-time donations with credit or debit cards. If you make your donation using either of these methods you will receive a quarterly statement for tax deductions.

Arianna Miracle Fund

Many members of Roser have asked how they can help. Charles, Brenda, and Arianna have two main needs. The first is our continuing prayers. The second is financial. If you would like to help ease the financial burden that is facing the family, you may do so through Roser Church. The monies will be distributed to Charles on a monthly basis. (This gift will not be tax-deductible.)

Leave a Legacy

Your generosity will help continue the mission and ministry of Roser Memorial Community Church for generations to come. John Roser left his legacy with the founding of Roser Chapel. You can continue the legacy by remembering Roser Church in your will. Request more information:

Celebration Newsletter

This newsletter is a celebration of some of the many ministries that happen at Roser as the result of the support of its members and friends.