Golfing for God

Golfing for God

WED JULY 5 ♦ Those who LOVE GOD & also LOVE GOLF (even if it is humbling), will LOVE the GOLFING FOR GOD activities organized by Roser Memorial Community Church and managed by the IMG Academy Golf Club.  The group enjoys fellowship twice a month, and includes:  (1) Those who attend the Bible study and dinner only in the outstanding IMG dining room;  (2) Those who are honing their golf skills in a clinic led by the golf pro’s, followed by Bible study and dinner; and (3) Those who are enjoying a 9-hole round of golf on the IMG 18-hole Championship Golf Course, followed by Bible study and dinner.

Dr. Bob O’Keef is teaching through The Gospel of JOHN! The Gospel of John celebrates Jesus as the Word of God, the source of life, light, and truth. It is the most spiritual of the Gospels, and the most beautifully written. Its scenes of night and day are intended to help its readers move from darkness to light. It’s only in the light of Christ that we can truly see, truly live, and truly be all that God wants us to be.

Next dates: July 19, August 9 & 30

The team of Rick Maddox, Dr. Bob O’Keef & Steve Hughes TRIUMPHED OVER the back 9 with a score of 34 at IMG to win our 5/17 outing.
The team of Rick Maddox, Dr. Bob O’Keef, John Skladany and Diane Ziemke INCINERATED the back 9 with a score of 35 at IMG to win our 5/3 outing.
The team of Dick Walter, Andy DeVries and Russ Kornoelje SCORCHED the back 9 with a score of 34 at IMG to win our 4/19 outing.

Sam is the grandson of one of our g4G golfers:  Andy DeVries.  On Sunday April 2 while Sam was visiting his grandparents, Kay & Andy DeVries, they attended the 10:00 service at Roser. Andy sang in the choir. Bill and Dorothy Carlin, who are also g4G participants, brought 2 baseball caps and 2 baseballs for Sam. Neil presented the gifts to Sam during the service.  This was because at the previous g4G event on March 29, Andy told us about how Sam was born with only 2 heart chambers, but he is able to compensate in certain ways to be an active, sports-interested boy. Roser prayed for Sam the day before he had heart surgery. Another one of many prayers answered for Sam!  Praise the Lord!


g4G (Golfing for God) is usually held the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays each month. Next dates: July 5 & 19, August 9 & 30

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