The pastor is glad to meet personally with anyone wanting to talk more about the Christian faith and life, or about any personal needs, joys, or concerns.


Our pastors usually visit our hospitalized members every day to offer prayer and spiritual healing. Please let us know if you or a loved one is in the hospital or has surgery planned.


Roser Memorial Community Church is an active Stephen Ministry Congregation. Stephen Ministers are lay persons trained and commissioned to extend the care of Christ and the Church to those short and long-term residents who might benefit from the visits of a skilled listener and supportive Christian friend; for example, someone who has feelings of loneliness or is experiencing a time of crisis may benefit from visits by a Stephen Minister. Trained Stephen Ministers are ready to be assigned to Care Receivers. Stephen Ministers and Leaders hold monthly Supervision Meetings within the approved policy of confidentiality.  Would you or someone you know like to have a Stephen Minister or train to become a Stephen Minister?