Campus Beautification

Campus Beautification

Roser Church Landscaping Project 2018


For several months the Trustees have been working with a group of  women making improvements on the Memorial Garden.  Several changes have been made to beautify and improve the appearance of the Memorial Garden.  As the changes took place in the Memorial Garden, Joan Voyles and Mary Zion approached the Trustees on a vision and idea that more could be done to beautify and extend the Memorial Garden beautification project outside the Memorial Garden walls. They envisioned removing a sunny patio and bench area in front of Fellowship Hall and developing a shaded garden area near the chapel.  They also recommended moving a poorly plumbed fountain to another location.  They consulted with a landscaper and plans were drawn up for the new garden area.  Joan and Mary made a presentation to the Trustees.

After the Trustees evaluated Joan and Mary’s landscaping plans, the Trustees met with Jeb Stewart, Roser Church’s landscaper, and he agreed to go forward with the garden planning.  This became a blessing in disguise.  Not only was Jeb willing to do the landscaping for the new garden area but he also donated landscaping for the East and North sides of the church campus.  Butch VanOnstenbridge’s company, VA Masonry, Inc., designed and poured the new winding sidewalk.  Mike’s Deck Service finished the side walk areas with a coating to match the Memorial Garden and courtyard walkways.  Treasure Cove made benches for the new garden area that matched the Memorial Garden courtyard benches.  The total cost for the new garden area was $11,570 which was funded with Memorial Garden special funds.

Many people have commented on the beauty of the new garden area. People have been seen resting and meditating in the new garden.  The fountain that was relocated near the choir entrance to the sanctuary has improved that area and has provided added appreciation for the fountain.

 Post-Trustees-Beautification-LightingMarch 2017 – Let There Be Light

The Trustees have developed a Roser Campus Lighting Plan.  Miller Electric is installing light posts around the Roser Campus.  Also, flood lighting will be installed to highlight various building and garden areas.  The old telephone post light in the picture will be replaced along with other old and broken light posts and new light posts matching the ones in the North Parking lot will be installed.  This is to help with security and safety issues along with enhancing the beauty of our campus at night time.

February 2017 – Memorial Rose Garden Beautification Project

Do you recognize this area at Roser? It’s not very attractive is it?

The Trustees are working on making this area an extension of the Memorial Rose Garden.  The Church Council has given the approval to go ahead and transform this area into a beautiful courtyard and garden area.  Contractors have been hired to remove the center wall, bury the sprinkler system, provide drainage, stucco a wall, pour cement and provide landscaping.  All cement areas will be finished with a high quality decorative finish that will complement the ceramic tiles in the present Rose Garden.  Decorative benches will be placed so people can gather after a memorial service.  Funds have been made available for this project through Memorial Garden Fund contributions.

Keep watching this area as things develop.


January 2017 – Work Begins

 The Church Council approved $15,000 to be spent out of the Roser Memorial Garden Special Fund.
During the month of February the Trustees secured bids from contractors to do the work.  In February LePensee Plumbing did the plumbing work.  V.A. Masonry, Inc.  completed the cement work. Manasota Plasters, Inc. completed the stucco work.  Stewart Landscaping completed the sprinkler work and Miller Electric completed the electrical work.
In March a group of women came to the Trustees to discuss a way they might help us to honor our dear church member Elaine Vandeman who passed away on March 1, 2017.  They represented a group of women, not all Roser Church members, who had shared coffee and conversations with Elaine for a number of years. They were excited about our beautification project and wanted to help us, and, honor Elaine.
They shared this challenge with a member of the group, Annabel Snyder, an artist who creates glass mosaics. She presented a plan for a glass mosaic that would complement our beautification plan, had symbolic images and incorporated some of Elaine’s interests.  Annabel also volunteered to donate this gift with only a charge for materials.  The Church Council approved her design in June with appreciation for her donation.
In April Mike’s Deck Service finished the cement work with a Spray-Crete stone pattern acrylic finish.
The Altar Committee became involved with the purchasing of benches and planters from Treasure Cove in Sarasota. Stewart Land-scaping completed their work at no cost to the church.
On October 24th Annabel came to hang the mural she designed for the courtyard. Creating the Seabirds Mosaic
The project will be ongoing and a tribute to all who are interred in the Roser Memorial Garden.

The following people were involved with the project:

Peggy Anthony, Doug Delong, Dick Gilmore, Major Leckie, Rick Maddox, Mike Meehan, Mike Oney, Mike Pescitelli, Dale Powers and Alan Ward.

Altar Committee:
Heather Blane, Betty Gilmore, Jill Morris, Claire Quillin

Friends of Elaine Vandeman Planning Committee:
Joan Voyles, Mary Zion, Linda Scott

Elaine’s Coffee Group Contributors:
Karen Beach, Mary Clark, Diane Clausen, Nancy Colcord, Carol Conte, Karen Ellsworth, Barb Gabbert, Lauri Harris, Connie Kihm, Bridget Mischler, Carol Mizrahi, Betsy Nichols, Sandy Rich, Linda Scott, Annabel Snyder, Lizzie Vann, Joan Voyles, Debbie Webster, Nancy Yetter, Mary Zion

La Pensee Plumbing
Manasota Plasters, Inc.
Mike’s Deck Service
Annabel Snyder Artist (AL’s Studio)
Miller Electric
Stewart’s Landscape Management, Inc.
Treasure Cove
V.A. Masonry, Inc.

December 2016 – The Conception

The Beautification Project was started when the Trustees voted to come up with a plan for the courtyard between the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall.
The plan included:
-Remove the dividing wall on the sidewalk between the Roser Memorial Garden and Colman Building,
-The Roser Memorial Garden exterior wall stuccoed, and the ground shell removed.
-The courtyard to be cemented with two drains installed.
-The sprinkler system to be buried and shelter covering it removed.
-Landscaping completed in all areas where plantings are appropriate.
-The cement courtyard areas finished in a sculpted textured coating.
-Benches and other decorative items to be added as the project developed.

Our Landscaping Company, Stewart Landscaping, has done an outstanding job maintaining our grounds this past year.  Since they became our landscaping and maintenance contractor our grounds have improved substantially. In the last month Jeb Stewart donated a lot of new landscaping palm trees, bushes, mulch and plants to spruce up our campus.

The Trustees and the congregation of Roser Community Church thank Jeb and Stewart Landscaping for the wonderful landscaping gift given to Roser Church and their excellent service this past year. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Stewart Landscaping.

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