Campus Beautification

Campus Beautification

 Post-Trustees-Beautification-LightingLet There Be Light

The Trustees have developed a Roser Campus Lighting Plan.  Miller Electric is installing light posts around the Roser Campus.  Also, flood lighting will be installed to highlight various building and garden areas.  The old telephone post light in the picture will be replaced along with other old and broken light posts and new light posts matching the ones in the North Parking lot will be installed.  This is to help with security and safety issues along with enhancing the beauty of our campus at night time.

Memorial Rose Garden Beautification Project

Do you recognize this area at Roser? It’s not very attractive is it?

The Trustees are working on making this area an extension of the Memorial Rose Garden.  The Church Council has given the approval to go ahead and transform this area into a beautiful courtyard and garden area.  Contractors have been hired to remove the center wall, bury the sprinkler system, provide drainage, stucco a wall, pour cement and provide landscaping.  All cement areas will be finished with a high quality decorative finish that will complement the ceramic tiles in the present Rose Garden.  Decorative benches will be placed so people can gather after a memorial service.  Funds have been made available for this project through Memorial Garden Fund contributions.

Keep watching this area as things develop.

Post-Beautification-Courtyard-8  Post-Beautification-Courtyard-9  Post-Beautification-Courtyard-7  Post-Beautification-Courtyard-6  Post-Beautification-Courtyard-5  Post-Beautification-Courtyard-4  Post-Beautification-Courtyard-3  Post-Beautification-from-parking-lot-3